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Self Portraits

location - Kuppelhalle, Silent Green, Berlin

type - installation + scenography

year - 2022

status - Installed and removed

client - Turi Agostino

photographs - Camille Blake

Turi Agostino composed and recorded the tracks for his latest album in Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, and Berlin through intersecting time periods and terrains. As such, the scenography reflects this journey through a play of light, which adapts and reflects the tone of each track. The site-specific sculpture responds to the gathering of memories over time from these three distinct terrains, while also interacting with the light.

Amy is an Australian Architect and Spatial Designer based in Berlin. Her work explores the intersection of art and architecture. Her site specific projects span exhibition and installation design, scenography, set design, and architecture - from concept to completion.


As well as research and design work, she regularly teaches design studios at both the University of Melbourne and RMIT


Amy was a recipient of the Marten Bequest 2020 for her ongoing project titled ‘The City Shaped’.

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