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The City Shaped | Melbourne

location - Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne

type - sculpture, painting and exhibition

year - 2020

status - Installed and removed

people - Amy Evans, Conor Todd and Eva Florindo

client - National Gallery of Victoria's Melbourne Design Week

media - link

photographs - Sean Fennessy

The City Shaped: Melbourne, explores the idea of the city as a machine for cultural production through a series of images and sculptural objects. This exploration examines the relationship between human activity and the spaces of the city: the way in which human activity shapes the form of the city and, in turn, is shaped by it. Taking Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid as a testing ground, an analysis of each city block reveals individual spatio-cultural characteristics, which are reinterpreted in the form of sculptural objects.

          The first stage of this project, focusing on Melbourne, was exhibited as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s ‘Melbourne Design Week', in March, 2020. The exhibition presented a series of abstract ceramic sculptures, reinterpreting Melbourne’s city grid and the cultural activities that it generates. The work was both a series of cultural objects and an exploration of culture in the city.

Amy is an Australian Architect and Spatial Designer based in Berlin. Her work explores the intersection of art and architecture. Her site specific projects span exhibition and installation design, scenography, set design, and architecture - from concept to completion.


As well as research and design work, she regularly teaches design studios at both the University of Melbourne and RMIT


Amy was a recipient of the Marten Bequest 2020 for her ongoing project titled ‘The City Shaped’.

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